Ceará Prosecutor highlights the importance of the role of lawyers in social pacification

Mato Grosso has 43 penal units, including jails and penitentiaries, which house 11,040 people deprived of their liberty, 10,510 males and 530 females. Of the total number of penal units, 25 have spaces for storing books and reading. The data are from the Secretary of State for Public Security (Sesp-MT).

In these spaces, projects for remission of punishment through reading are developed, as a complementary educational activity for men and women deprived of their liberty during the period of conviction. The inmates have the right to read 12 books a year and, with that, guarantee the reduction of 48 days of sentence. The option was introduced through Recommendation n.44/2013 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and regulated by CNJ Resolution 391/2021.

Currently, the reading spaces have a collection of 16,900 books. With 13,500 donated by the National Penitentiary Department (Depen) in August 2011. Despite the large volume, there are 11 different titles. In order to increase the options for titles, the Judiciary, through the Monitoring and Inspection Group of the Prison and Socio-educational System of Mato Grosso (GMF), in partnership with Sesp and the Brazilian Bar Association – Mato Grosso Section Grosso (OAB-MT), created the fundraising campaign “Book to be free – Resocialization through reading”.

“This project comes at a very good time. It is a unique opportunity that we will be able to offer the benefit of redemption in the standards of Resolution 391 of the CNJ”, evaluates the assistant secretary of Penitentiary Administration (Saap), linked to Sesp-MT, Jean Gonçalves. “The change in behavior of people deprived of their liberty is visible when they are involved in some work or study activity. She has a better perspective on the possibility of anticipating the fulfillment of her sentence by leaving prison”, he evaluates.

The assistant secretary informs that the donation is free, there is no specific type of literature required. “The more options the better”. Those interested in donating can take fiction books, technical books, law books, novels, all kinds of work are welcome to the collection points. We will select these copies and distribute them to penal units.”

Campaign – Interested and interested persons can donate books until November 10, from Monday to Friday, from 12 noon to 7 pm, at the reception of the Forums of the Counties of Cuiabá, Várzea Grande, Cáceres, Sinop, Sorriso, Diamantino, Barra do Garças, Tangará da Serra, Primavera do Leste and Rondonópolis.

At the Court of Justice, donations can be deposited in collection boxes at the central reception, at the restaurant, at the Desembargador António Arruda Annex, at Escola dos Servers, or they can be delivered in the drive thru system at the entrance to the visitor parking lot.

Units with books and reading spaces

Ahmenon Lemos Dantas Industrial Resocialization Center (Várzea Grande)

Temporary Detention Center in Tangará da Serra

Vila Rica Public Prison

Public Prison of São Félix Do Araguaia

High Forest Public Jail

Capital Custody Center

Rondonopolis Women’s Public Prison

Ana Maria Do Couto Women’s Penitentiary (Cuiabá)

Mirassol D’Oeste Public Jail

Barra Do Garças Public Jail

Cuiabá Resocialization Center

Central Penitentiary of the State of Mato Grosso

Smile Public Chain

Major PM Zuzi Alves Da Silva Penitentiary

Diamantino Public Chain

Arenapolis Public Jail

Chapada Dos Guimarães Public Prison

Public Chain of Nobles

Cáceres Women’s Public Chain

Juina Provisional Detention Center

Rondonópolis Regional Penitentiary Major Eldo Sá Corrêa

East Spring Public Jail

Cáceres Public Jail

Nortelândia Female Public Chain

Sinop Penitentiary

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Source: MT Court of Justice

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