Corinthians vs Flamengo: Elias reveals who he will root for in the decision and recalls achievements

This Wednesday, Corinthians and Flamengo start the fight for the title of Brazil’s Cup and Elias, champion for both clubs, in 2009 and 2013 respectively, attended the THROW! in an exclusive interview to recall the outstanding campaigns. Beloved by both fans, the former midfielder did not make a ceremony, however: he will be in the crowd for Timão.

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– Corinthians (who will cheer for the Copa do Brasil). The flamengo player knows this, I never hid about the team I always rooted for, I learned to like Flamengo and the flamenguistas, I’ll even be cheering in the Liberta final, but in this Copa do Brasil, I’m Timão. It will be difficult to win inside Maraca – replied Elias to the THROW!.

The first leg is this Wednesday, at 9:30 pm, at Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo. The decisive match, at Maracanã, is next Wednesday.


On one side, Du Queiroz and Fausto Vera. On the other, Thiago Maia and João Gomes. Corinthians and Flamengo are well served by defensive midfielders in the Copa do Brasil decision, but which team would Elias fit in?

We asked the former player himself, who retired at the beginning of 2021. Amidst the praise for the Corinthians and Flamengo midfielders, he highlighted the difference between current football and what was practiced in his time.

– Football is always evolving. The midfielders arrive less today than in my time, the team’s game structure doesn’t allow one of the midfielders to constantly jump to the attack. I don’t know if I would play in their place, I could be a third midfield player in the current system of the two teams, but I would make a great duo with any of the four starting defensive midfielders – analyzed.

Elias and Ronaldo - Corinthians 2009

Elias and Ronaldo (Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr./Agência Corinthians)

2009: Ronaldo’s role in Corinthians

A starter in seven of the eight matches of the Copa do Brasil campaign, Elias was one of the luxury supporting players of Corinthians that had Ronaldo as the main protagonist. However, in the former midfielder’s opinion, shirt 9’s ability to share responsibilities with the other teammates made that team even stronger.

– That’s where everyone is wrong. Ronaldo made us also assume our responsibilities and protagonism within the games. And that made us unite even more to run for the President! – reported Elias, who defended the São Paulo club between 2008 and 2010 and, later, between 2013 and 2016.

2013: Elias’ star in Flamengo’s title

For Flamengo, Elias was, without a doubt, one of the most decisive for the 2013 Copa do Brasil title. The numbers (13 games and five goals) may not measure the importance of the midfielder in the campaign. After all, it was his scoring goal in the round of 16, against Cruzeiro, which allowed Fla to reach the decision – in which he also scored.

– In the game against Cruzeiro, we left with the feeling of the first game that we “survived”. We were facing the best team of 2013, and we got hot, we were supposed to have suffered a rout, and that Cadu goal alerted us that we could pass – evaluated Elias, regarding the 2-1 setback, at Mineirão, in the round of 16. of end.

– We played the second game with this thought that we could pass. I had a mishap days before when I had a muscle injury and was practically out. The medical team, led by Dr. Runco and Dr. Tannure made me believe it was playable.

– I took a test hours before in the hotel parking lot, and we decided, together with the committee, that I would go to the game. I played. When it took about 75 minutes I couldn’t take the pain anymore, I asked to leave and Mano (Menezes) didn’t want to take me out. The rest of the story everyone knows!

Flamengo vs Cruzeiro - Elias (Photo: Paulo Sérgio/ LANCE!Press)

Elias celebrating the goal against Cruzeiro (Photo: Paulo Sérgio/ L!Press)

Check out other responses from Elias, ex-Corinthians and Flamengo, to L!:

L!: Although the 2009 final was ‘quiet’, with Corinthians dominating most of the two games, the campaign had some tense moments, such as the turn (in aggregate) over Atlético-PR and the semifinal, decided on penalties, against Vasco. Which of these moments stands out to you the most in this Corinthians campaign?

Elijah: We lost 1 game of the Copa do Brasil, to Athletico, in Curitiba. It was after the first game of the Paulista final, that goal from Ronaldo’s coverage. It’s no excuse, but we were going to decide on a title over the weekend. It’s not that we lose concentration. And against Vasco’s excellent team we passed the away goal criterion.

L!: You arrived at Corinthians in 2008, to play in Serie B, but you weren’t in the runner-up of the Copa do Brasil that year. Still, he went through the process of rebuilding that team. Did you feel that the 2009 title was as if the club were ‘chasing away demons’ from an unfortunate recent past?

Elijah: I didn’t feel it, no. Inside, we knew that the reconstruction work was well done and that it would soon reap the rewards, but it came much faster than any Corinthians fan expected. Already confirmed in a Series B that we beat the record for points and being undefeated champion of São Paulo, marks that until today have not been broken.

L!: In 2013, Flamengo ended up deciding all matches at home. What was the importance of this support from the fans, in the decisive games, for that campaign to end victorious?

Elijah: We lost only one game away from home, 2-1 to Cruzeiro. That team learned to play knockout, we knew that at home we would be much stronger with the support of the Nation.

L!: The goal in the final, in the crowded Maracanã, must be the first memory that comes to your mind when we talk about the 2013 Copa do Brasil.

Elijah: I always cite the goal against Cruzeiro, in the 43rd minute of the second half, as the most important goal of my career. But to score a goal in a final, with Maraca full and to be champion is something that few players will have the pleasure of experiencing.

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