Felipão refuses to make peace with Galvão Bueno and refuses to participate in the narrator’s documentary

The 7 to 1 left marks that are difficult to heal. Coach of the Brazilian National Team in 2014, Luiz Felipe Scolari refused to make peace with the sports announcer Galvão Bueno. In addition, he did not accept Globoplay’s recording request to participate in the documentary about the narrator’s life, which will be released in February next year.

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The producers of the documentary have sought out several sports personalities, including those with whom Galvão has some sort of disagreement, to participate in what will be a five-episode miniseries.

Some responses from sports figures were positive. Case of Zinho, four-time world champion with the national team, who accepted the invitation and must talk about the controversies with the narrator, who vehemently criticized him during the 1994 World Cup.

In the case of Felipão, the producers wanted the participation of the coach, currently under the command of Athletico-PR, to tell a little about the backstage of Penta, won in 2002.

In addition, Galvão would apologize to the coach, due to some criticism made after the 7-1 victory against Germany at the 2014 World Cup.

In an editorial in Jornal Nacional, published on the same day as the 3-0 defeat to the Netherlands, valid for the dispute for third place in the competition, the narrator said that Brazil did not have a team to reach the final and that the defeat had been due to a blackout, but rather a ‘consequence of a job that didn’t work out’.

Even if indirectly, Felipão did not like Galvão’s statement. Since then, the coach has refused to participate in programs and in interviews with the sports announcer.

Just before the 2018 World Cup, the coach opened the game in an interview with André Henning, an announcer at the time for Esporte Interativo.

– There was a colleague of yours, from TV, who spent ten minutes after the game pointing at me. Today I do not speak to this gentleman, in this case, Galvão Bueno. As long as he thinks he’s the almighty, a God, and that he can do what he did to me, playing me against the crowd, I’m here,” he declared.

To the portal “Notícias da TV”, Felipão’s advice confirmed the coach’s refusal and stressed that ‘each one goes his own way’.

Felipão is getting ready for one of the most important games of his career. Athletico-PR coach, he is in the Libertadores final, a tournament he won in 1995, directing Grêmio.

Now, Scolari seeks to lift the unprecedented title with Hurricane. The team from Paraná faces Flamengo, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on October 29.

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