“If I had to go back today, I wouldn’t have gone”; Ronaldinho’s ‘Parça’ exposes regret about playing for Flamengo


Hired in 2010, refusing several offers in Brazil, the former striker made clear his unhappiness at Rubro-Negro

Photo: Fabio Castro/AGIF - Ronaldinho played alongside the forward.
Photo: Fabio Castro/AGIF – Ronaldinho played alongside the forward.

Several players and ex-players, when asked, say that one of their dreams is or was to play in Flamengo, largely as a result of the dimension that Cariocas have in the South American and world scene, in addition to the crowd, which fills anyone’s eyes. Countless stars have already worn the shirt and have good memories, but this did not happen in 100% of the cases.

Hired by Flamengo in 2010, after shining at Fenerbahçe, in Turkey, Deivid could not succeed in Rubro-Negro, being marked, including by missed goals. During an interview with ESPN, the former striker showed to have regrettedsaying that he was wrong at the time to reject offers from Corinthians, Santos and Cruzeiro to close with the Rio de Janeiro team.

My strategy was wrong. I had Corinthians, Santos and Cruzeiro and I didn’t want to go back to those three clubs, because in my mind, if I went back, everyone would want Deivid, who was there a few years ago. And at a certain age you can’t run like you used to. I wouldn’t be able to perform the same as I did”started, completing:

”THE my trip to Flamengo, if I had to go back today, I wouldn’t have gone, because the 2009 Flamengo team was disbanded, Vágner Love and Adriano were still very much on the fan’s mind. So there was that image. When I went to Flamengo, expectations were created from Deivid from Corinthians, Cruzeiro and Santos. The team would still be assembled. When the team is in assembly, it takes a little while for you to find the right timing”finished.

The former striker stayed at Gávea from 2010 to 2012, scoring 31 goals in 94 games played. The move that has the most repercussions to this day was against Vasco, in which, under the beam, he ended up missing the target. In 2011, alongside Ronaldinho and company, he was champion of the Campeonato Carioca, but he is not well remembered by Flamengo fans.

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