Investor in Galoppo’s hiring disappears and generates a millionaire loss to São Paulo – Tricolor Arquibancada

The midfielder’s hiring Giuliano Galoppo was announced by Sao Paulo on the 26th of July this year. The bond was signed for a period of five years.

This Monday (10), some journalists began to talk about a complicated situation involving negotiation, Nivaldo de Cillo said that the corresponding value for the purchase of the Argentine athlete would be BRL 30 millionand that would be paid by a supposed sponsor that would have disappeared, with that, this financial responsibility would be for the Morumbi club.

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João Pedro Sgarbi also commented on the subject on the program Open gameand stated that internally Tricolor had money from a sponsor that ended up not coming in.

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O Sao Paulo lives a complicated situation behind the scenes, as the club’s football director himself, Carlos Belmontesaid that the amounts related to the bixo promised to the players of the squad in case of classification to the final of the South American 2022.

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