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Robots that are vacuum cleaners have become popular in Brazil. Several manufacturers produce models focused on cost-effectiveness and some on cutting-edge technology. Below we have selected options whose values ​​vary between R$359 and R$1,150. Evaluate which is the best model of vacuum cleaner that best suits your pocket and your needs.

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vacuum robot models

The brands selected in this list are: Mondial, Positivo, Multilaser and Oster. Their models are very different, so each one has a specific purpose and advantages. Evaluate which one best fits your reality.

Multilaser HO041

Focused on cost-effectiveness, Multilaser’s robot starts at R$359. It is available in white, black and red. In addition, it has three anti-fall sensors, which is essential for houses with stairs or balconies. The device has side brushes, making it possible to vacuum wall corners and direct the dirt to the suction nozzle. Its battery is of medium duration (approximately 2h of uninterrupted operation) and 30W of power.

Mondial RB-11

Like the Multilaser robot, this one also displays 30W of power and an anti-fall system. Its differential is that it can sweep, vacuum and clean. To avoid scratches on the floor, it has rubbers that protect it from scratches. The product is well regarded by customers; however, some consumers have reported that the sense of direction is not the most efficient. It is possible to find the robot from R$ 599.

Oster 5605

Oster is a brand focused on home appliances and, in general, is usually highly rated for its products. This vacuum robot model is no different. Sold for about R$1,099, it comes with a remote control and four cleaning functions: spot, automatic, corners and complete. It also has a tank with a capacity of 250 ml. In addition, it is capable of automatically activating battery saving mode when it is about to discharge, then returning to the charging base.

Positive Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi

A differential of the appliance is the ability to connect via Wi-Fi and be managed by Alexa and Google Assistant. It also has a cleaning scheduling system through the Positivo Casa Inteligente app. The robot has three anti-drop and collision sensors, 600 ml tank, return to charging base mode and four cleaning modes. Electronics can be purchased from R$ 1,159.

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