Leaked photos reveal Sydney Sweeney’s look in Madame Web

the footage of Madame Web in full swing in New York, USA. Thanks to the open set filming, we have several photos being taken by the paparazzi and making their way onto the internet. With that, we get our first glimpse of one of the highlights of the film.


Since today’s photos revealed the look of the character played by actress Sydney Sweeney, from euphoria. Her character remains a secret, but at least she’s something.

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In addition to the first glimpse at Sweeney’s character, we also have actress Dakota Johnson back in Julia Carpenter’s outfit, the second Madame Web.

Which is nothing new, as this look was revealed months ago. However, last night the actress was seen with white hair, indicating that we will have the presence of Cassandra Webb, the first Madame Webb. Or something like that!

keep an eye on Marvel’s legacy for more information.

Leaked photo features Dakota Johnson with CLASSIC Madame Web look

Madame Web is one of Sony’s upcoming Marvel Universe films, which continues to be filmed in the US. While we haven’t gotten any official glimpses, the leaked videos and photos from the sets just keep coming out!

Last week we had the revealing photo of a costumed character, who is the possible VILLAIN of the film. And the leak of the day is something that’s sure to get fans’ attention. After all, Dakota Johnson has just been spotted in new photos from the shoot.

Only this time, the actress appeared with WHITE hair! Delivering that at some point in the film, she should appear with the look of the ORIGINAL Madame Web from the comics, which is also the most famous incarnation of Spider-Man animation in the 90s.

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The most interesting thing about these photos is that previously Dakota had been seen with the look of Julia Carpenter, the SECOND Madame Web.

Will the actress be both Julia and Cassandra Webb? Will the two characters be merged into one? Or will the visual change be just a tribute to the original version of the heroine?

keep an eye on Marvel’s legacy for more information about the film.


Madame Web is one of Sony Pictures’ most unusual projects for its SSU. Which is the cinematic universe of characters from the Spider-Man universe, which already has VenomMorbius and Kraven: The Hunter.

Although we do not have any details about the plot, it is OFFICIAL: the actress Dakota Johnson (50 shades of gray) will be Madame Web!

The actress Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) is also confirmed in the cast, while SJ Clarkson (Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Succession) takes over directing. Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the writers of Morbius, are also confirmed! The film hits theaters on February 15, 2024.

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