List of 400 apps created to steal passwords; you could be at risk!

Mark Zuckerberg’s company did a scan to identify programs harmful to users. The result was surprising, as around 400 apps were added to a list of critical attacks that compromise people’s security.

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Hackers aim to release resources that seem useful but really just want to break into accounts and hijack data.

an important announcement

Currently, many technology companies engage with the cyber community, seeking to highlight potential crimes. David Agranovich, from the Meta group’s security team, responsible for the FacebookWhatsApp and Instagram, said the company will warn everyone about the risks involving certain applications for iOS and Android systems.

Be careful what you download

There is a wide availability of resources in the app stores, so you need to be extra careful about suspicious solutions. Many of these malware are hidden in fun platforms, created to go viral: 3D games, websites that turn people into cartoons, horoscopes, health and others that require login by granting the email and password used on social networks.

Regarding Facebook, try to minimize the damage:

  • Choosing different passwords for the apps.
  • Creating strong passwords, putting all the differentiating factors like capital letter, numbers, letters and symbols.
  • Using two-factor authentication on all apps with critical data.
  • Remember to change the password quickly when you notice any suspicious activity, preventing further actions by third parties.

Google and Apple have already been warned and are already planning some resolution that reforms the protection barriers of devices.

Despite this, there is a consensus that everyone should value their own security, by understanding the risks involved in all downloads and websites accessed.

Check precedents, comments and security seals given by support. If you’ve experienced a data breach or suspect something similar, don’t forget to report it.

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