Mark Hamill Collects Drones for the Ukrainian Army; Know more!

Recently, Mark Hamill, an actor popularly known for playing the character of Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars”, went on to help the country of Ukraine through fundraising. Hamill’s aim is to provide the Ukrainian people drones in order to help the population in the fight against the Russian country.

On February 24, 2022, Russia decided to invade the country of Ukraine, and this action ended up leaving many dead and injured. Since then, many countries have turned their aid to Ukrainian soil.

Hamill is the latest celebrity to support the UNITED24 platform, a project spearheaded by Ukraine’s own President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The actor, who bravely fought in the Star Wars universe against supervillains, will now take on the role of ambassador for the show, focusing exclusively on the idea of ​​being able to deliver as much as possible. drones what to get for the Ukrainian army.

In a statement, Hamill said this was all to protect democratic values. Check out:

“I know that Ukrainians need drones to protect their land, their freedom and the values ​​of the democratic world. This is the best time for us to unite and help Ukraine to stand up in this war against the evil empire.”

The so-called “Drone Army” plan aims to acquire equipment and finance its maintenance, in the same way that it will be with pilot training, so that the military can “constantly monitor the 2,470 km of border and respond effectively to attacks”. enemies”, as stated in the site official.

Actor Mark Hamill’s support was communicated via a video call online together with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky praised the “Batman: The Animated Series” voice actor and said that having Hamill’s name attached to the cause “means a lot” to the president, as well as to his Ukrainian counterparts. Zelensky even took the opportunity to make a reference to “Star Wars”, saying “good will triumph over evil and light will overcome darkness”.

Wasting no time, actor Mark Hamill took the opportunity to communicate that his war with Russia has been a “long and unequal struggle” and claimed that the invaded country needs much more help than he believed.

Finally, he admitted to feeling honored to be a part of this project and assured that he would provide any service that was in his power to the Ukrainian forces.

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