Nubank releases BRL 5,000 through the app

O Nubank is the digital bank with the largest customer base in Latin America. Fintech data show that there are already more than 60 million people who make use of the bank’s services. This is because the company has several resources and advantages that benefit customers, such as, for example, the no-annual-fee credit card.

However, although it has several advantages, the initial value of the limit for the client is not very high, which ends up leaving users dissatisfied. Furthermore, the delay in increasing the value in the credit card is also a common complaint among the platform’s customers.

However, so that your customers are not helpless and are able to move the account, the Nubank now has a tool that can solve the credit card problem. It is now possible to reserve part or all of the balance so that it can be used as credit on the card in the future.

In this way, the customer who wants to make a purchase worth R$500, for example, can deposit this amount in his account and reserve it as a credit limit. Want to know more about this feature? So, check out more information below!

Learn how to increase your limit at Nubank

First, it is worth noting that the deposit of the amount in the account and which is available as credit will not be available for use until the payment of the card invoice occurs. In this case, after repayment of the debt, the amount will be available again, the use being at the customer’s discretion.

If payment is not made by the due date, the bank will use the reserved balance to settle the invoice.

Nubank informed that, when using this type of service, the user can use a balance of up to R$ 5 thousand to build the credit card limit. In addition, it is worth noting that the customer can make national and international purchases (in person and virtual).

How to use this new tool?

Although this function may not seem advantageous to the customer, since the user himself is the one who makes his own limit available, the function can be very useful for those who do not have pre-approved fintech credit.

To use this new tool, follow these steps:

  1. First, access the Nubank app;
  2. Also, access the credit cards menu;
  3. Select the “Adjust limit” option;
  4. Finally, tap on “Reserve as limit” and enter the desired amount.

Increase your Nubank limit

At first, to actually establish the value of the limit that each customer has available to him, fintech relies on algorithmic technology. Thus, those who present more favorable conditions, such as greater purchasing power, for example, are more likely to have credit benefits. However, if this is not your situation right now, you can follow some tips to increase your card limit. Want to know which ones? Then check it out:

  • Avoid paying bills and invoices late;
  • Pay before or by the due date;
  • Choose invoice due date according to your salary payment date;
  • Don’t just pay the minimum invoice amount, as this will activate the revolving credit;
  • Keep your monthly income updated on the Nubank app;
  • Use your credit card frequently;
  • Use the card without exceeding the limit;
  • Don’t have debts.

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