Nubank Ultraviolet or Silver? Check which one is right for you

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Nubank offers several cards to its customers. However, two models stand out not only for their appearance, but for the advantages that each one offers.

Thus, it is necessary to observe what are the objectives of the Ultraviolet card and the Silver card. This is because each one has its characteristics and serves different groups of people.

Nubank Ultraviolet

Firstly, the Nubank Ultravioleta card is a premium digital bank card, with the MasterCard brand and many other benefits. So, check out the main advantages of the Nubank Ultraviolet card:

  • Cashback that drops instantly, does not expire and grows automatically at 200% of CDI per year;
  • Free travel insurance;
  • Free access to the VIP lounge at Guarulhos International Airport;
  • Exclusive design in metal without numbers, which brings greater security to customers, as the numbers are stored in the digital bank application;
  • Monthly fee of R$49, which is free every time the card is spent at least R$5,000 per month or R$150,000 is invested between Nubank and NuInvest.

silver card

Unlike the Ultravioleta, the Prateado card was developed for customers of the PJ (Pessoa Jurídica) account of the digital bank. Therefore, the main objective of this card is to serve entrepreneurs, serving the needs of micro and small businesses, as it facilitates financial management and corporate purchases.

So, check out the advantages of this benefit of digital banking below:

  • Free issue and no annual fee;
  • There are no hidden fees;
  • Fully controlled through the Nubank app;
  • Connected to PJ account;
  • Possibility of withdrawals in Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks (with a fee of R$ 6.50);
  • Approximate payments;
  • Access to the Mastercard Surprise Companies program;
  • Discount when anticipating installments;
  • Payment of the invoice by bank slip, automatic debit or PJ account balance.

Image: Reproduction / Nubank Blog

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