Opportunity! Hong Kong to offer 500,000 free airline tickets to attract tourists

Hong Kong has announced a bold plan to attract foreign tourists. More than 500,000 free airline tickets worth HK$ 2 billion, around R$ 1.3 billion, will be distributed to international travelers and residents. The high investment is to try to boost the tourism industry that has been hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic.

Hong Kong will give away free airline tickets

It is believed that offering free airline tickets will help speed up the redress process for the decline in visitors, as well as bolstering Hong Kong’s reputation as a popular tourist destination.

“The airport authority will finalize the agreement with the airlines. As soon as the government announces that it will remove all Covid-19 restrictions for travelers to enter, we will launch the advertising campaigns for free air tickets,” said Dane Cheng, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Cheng added that the free tickets, purchased to support Hong Kong’s airlines during the pandemic, will be distributed next year to inbound and outbound travelers by the region’s airport authority.

Hong Kong will distribute free airline tickets to residents and foreigners

Hong Kong had 184,000 visitors between January and August this year. This marks a very significant drop in the number of tourists compared to before the pandemic, when 56 million people visited the autonomous Chinese territory in 2019.

Despite the good news, details of how and when the airline tickets will be distributed have not yet been released. Let’s wait!

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