Orlando explains chances to young people at Santos base: ‘buy time’

With a good performance in the second half, Santos beat Juventude 4-1 at home tonight (10), for the 31st round of the Brazilian. Coach Orlando Ribeiro, who coached the under-20 and took over as a professional after Lisca left, put Ed Carlos, at halftime, and Miguelito during the final stage, athletes with whom he had already worked in the basic categories.

“Ed Carlos is 10. a sock articulator, who has good assistance and can play closer to the forwards, otherwise he will have difficulties in marking as a second midfielder. We already know Ed and Miguelito under-20 and makes it easier when we need to explain something. As I have been in the professional for a short time, we have to buy time, as they already know our idea, it makes it easier on the field. It worked out. We have to think about the whole group, we don’t rule out anyone. Those who were not called up today deserve attention, we may also need them”, he commented.

Ed Carlos gave the pass for Peixe’s second goal, by Marcos Leonardo for coverage. The Bolivian striker, with less time on the field, raised the crowd going over the mark.

“My biggest concern is with those who are not on the team. We have to always be guiding. He left because we think that we needed to attack a little more, have more midfielders and forwards. His characteristic is different, but that doesn’t mean he won’t have more opportunities,” he added.

With 40 points, Santos jumped to 11th place in the table and opened a 10-point advantage to Cuiabá, which opens the sticking zone.

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importance of scoring
Confidence. A win with a goal difference like this brings confidence. They know they are capable and that helps a lot for the next games.

tactical formation
In the beginning, it wasn’t supposed to start with Angelo on the right. They confused a little and then adjusted. The way we put it, the goal came out. The stirring is the knowledge of the group. With that, we gain more experience. With everyone’s help, we will get to know the group more and will try to solve the problem that appears during the game.

We expected the Juventude team to be a little further behind. If they didn’t stay, we’d find a way to put it on. It was a 4-2-4, coming in around the edges with two forwards inside. From the moment the goal came out, the idea worked. With the score in front, we thought it was better to change again and it worked too.

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