Producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia Talk Jungle Cruise 2 and Jumanji 3

The producers of black adam, Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia, spoke to the American press about two other projects with Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock). It’s about the long Jungle Cruise 2 and Jumanji 3continuations of franchises awaited by the public..

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Despite the lukewarm debut of the first Jungle Cruise, the duo were excited about the sequel and the chemistry that Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt had. Flynn said he’s sure the actors will make the movie happen.

“Jungle Cruise 2 is obviously something we really want […] I think Dwayne and Emily created such an incredible bond. Their chemistry is extraordinary in the first movie and now I know they know these characters so intimately. I know they have big ideas of where they can take this universe and world. So I have a feeling these two are going to make sure a Jungle Cruise 2 is made at some point.”

It is worth remembering that the feature has been worked as the next Disney adventure franchise, as it was Pirates of the Caribbean. It is inspired by one of Mickey’s company’s oldest theme park attractions, where people travel aboard a picturesque boat through a jungle populated with exotic animals.

The action franchise Jumanji 3 — which came back to life in 2017, 21 years after the first film (1996) — has also received good updates from Garcia. The producer said that soon the film should happen.

“Jumanji is definitely going to happen. Obviously Jake Kasdan is directing ‘Red One’ [próximo filme de férias do Prime Video], so now he’s working on it. But we have a ton of Jumanji conversations. We actually have a great vision of what we’re going to do for the next movie. So I know from talking to Jake, once he comes clear from ‘Red One,’ that will be his next priority for him and that’s something we definitely want to do.”

In all, the first two films in the saga, grossed almost US$ 2 billion worldwide and brought in the cast Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Nick Jonas, among other actors.

When are Jumanji 3 and Jungle Cruise 2 coming to cinemas?

The two films still do not have a confirmed release date, but the forecast is that Jumanji 3 hits US theaters on December 13th. Here in Brazil, it should take a little longer to be released on the big screen.

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