Reginaldo Leme talks about Gasly’s revolt at the Japanese GP

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Reginaldo Leme and Rubinho Barrichello commented live on Instagram last Monday (10th) on Pierre Gasly’s revolt when he passed close to two tractors in the last Formula 1 Japanese GP. The journalist explained that there was also an error by AlhpaTauri and the ex-driver spoke about the Suzuka rescue team.

“You must have seen the image of Gasly today or yesterday, which he complained so much about. Covered by all that, he passes more or less half a meter from the tractor in the wrong direction. Now, the next thing, do you have to enter the tractor? Yes, the mistake was on both sides. Gasly’s team could have said to him before, ‘Oh, red flag’, because he only saw the red flag when he had already passed that point of danger and also his car light had only come on when he had already passed.” , began to explain Reginaldo Leme.

“And why did he [Gasly] was it faster than the others? Because he had that pit stop. He went to catch everyone for the restart because he was way behind the group. So, look at the danger,” said the Formula 1 journalist.

Rubinho, on the other hand, said that one of the problems was the rush of the Japanese GP rescue team. “The reality, Regi, is that there was a very, very strong request that the Japanese not have any anxiety. This was requested in advance by a friend who said: ‘people, it happened, wait for the announcement’. You yourself spoke with Felipe and Serginho who in Spa, many years ago, where the people did not speak the language and I myself have been through many things like that”, said the former Formula 1.

After the Japanese GP, Formula 1 will race in the United States on October 23.

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