Romario says he will not campaign for Bolsonaro after supporting Silveira

Senator Romário (PL) guaranteed that he will not campaign in favor of president and reelection candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in Rio de Janeiro. The justification given by the former football player is that Bolsonaro declared support for former federal deputy Daniel Silveira (PRT) in the race for the state Senate seat, in the election on the 2nd.

In an interview with Globo, Romário highlighted that, although he belongs to the same party as Bolsonaro, he preferred to declare his support for Silveira, even with the former deputy in the condition of ineligible by determination of the TRE-RJ (Regional Electoral Court of Rio).

“The president, even though he was from my party, decided to support another candidate, from another party, who was ineligible. He even declared his vote for him on election day,” said the senator.

Despite the hurt, Romário stressed that, as a matter of party loyalty, he will vote for Bolsonaro in the second round, and that, in an eventual re-election, he will position himself in line with Jair in Congress.

“As I said, I play for the team. I’m PL, I’m 22 and my support is for Bolsonaro. I’m with the PL in this election, and that’s my position. nature. I have my word”, he declared.

Bolsonaro declares vote for Silveira

On the 2nd, when the first round of the elections took place, Jair Bolsonaro declared his vote for Daniel Silveira for senator. The support was celebrated by the former deputy, who took the opportunity to sting Romário, until then appointed as the presidential candidate in Rio.

“Regardless of the result, this here, this brief moment, gave me the feeling of accomplishment. I have the trust of the man I trust the most and, by chance, is the man who saved Brazil. What an honor!”, said Silveira.

Silveira was considered ineligible by the TRE-RJ in September, but he appealed the decision to the TSE (Superior Electoral Court). However, even if he wins in the Court, he has already been defeated at the polls, when he finished the election in third place, behind the winner, Romário, and the second place, Alessandro Molon (PSB).

Daniel Silveira was arrested in February 2021, when he was still a federal deputy for the PSL-RJ, after publishing a video in which he criticized STF ministers and defended Institutional Act nº5 (AI-5), a decree of the military dictatorship carried out in 1968. which closed, for example, Congress and state legislatures.

Silveira was convicted in April of crimes of coercion in the course of the process and an attack on the Democratic Law Act, when he made speeches encouraging violence with attacks on justice and court ministers.

He was sentenced to 8 years and nine months in prison, but his sentence was annulled after receiving the presidential grace of Jair Bolsonaro.

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