RTX 4090Ti reportedly canceled because test units were melting

Models produced by NVIDIA would be tripping circuit breakers and melting power supplies

While NVIDIA has yet to make the official debut of the GeForce RTX 4090reports indicate that not only the company even tested a Ti model of the GPU, as I would have given up on the idea. Sources consulted by Moore Law’s Is Dead claim that the model was simply not ready to hit the market due to the excessive heat caused by its test units.

According to the vehicle, the RTX 4090Ti test units were “tripping circuit breakers, melting power supplies, and sometimes melting themselves”. how these are problems that the manufacturer would not be able to solve in the short or medium termshe at the time would have put aside her plans to produce the more powerful model.

Moore Law’s is Dead states that GPU test units used between 600W and 700W and relied on two 16-pin PCIe connectors to work. In addition to consuming a generous amount of energy, the board would also have a considerable size, occupying at least four slots on a motherboard.

GeForce RTX 4090 should be NVIDIA’s flagship

With the alleged cancellation of the RTX 4090Ti, the RTX 4090 model should be NVIDIA’s flagship for its Ada Lovelace lineup. The first tests of the GPU are already appearing in software such as 3DMark, in which it showed performance up to 82% faster than that recorded by the RTX 3090.

To get this great performance, interested consumers are going to have to make some sacrifices. The first one is financial since, Due to the high demand for the unreleased GPU, its price is already ranging from 1,999 to 2,549 euros in some stores in Europe — the other will be space, given reports that the RTX 4090 doesn’t fit in many conventional mid-tower cases.

In addition to the top-of-the-line model, NVIDIA has already announced the release of two versions of the RTX 4080, one with 16 GB of memory and the other with 12 GB. The model with the smallest amount of memory also has more modest specifications, and there are those who believe that it should be known as RTX 4070 instead of bringing the same nomenclature as the more powerful version.

What changes with the GeForce RTX 40: detailed Ada Lovelace microarchitecture!

What changes with the GeForce RTX 40: detailed Ada Lovelace microarchitecture!
Let’s delve into the changes to Nvidia’s new cards


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