Serasa opens internship vacancies with a grant of up to R$ 1,500; see how to sign up

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According to data from the Brazilian Internship Association, Brazil has more than 686,000 higher education students who are interns. And this number tends to grow even more, since, like other companies, Serasa Experian opened its internship program. Interested and want to know how to apply? So be sure to check out the information below!

Internship vacancies at Serasa: how to apply and what are the benefits

Applications for the Serasa Experian internship program are open until November 2nd and must be done through the 99jobs website. In total, 25 scholarships are being offered in the face-to-face, hybrid and remote journey models.

Students from all over Brazil who are studying higher education and who are interested in the area of ​​technology can apply for the program. The interns will receive an initial grant in the amount of R$ 1,500 and there is the possibility of progression of up to 20% at the end of the program.

In addition, the company offers transportation vouchers, meal vouchers, medical assistance, dental assistance, life insurance and Gympass, a corporate health benefit that offers virtual classes and applications for physical activities, meditation and therapy, in addition to admission to gyms.

More information about Serasa’s internship program

The program lasts for two years, but there is the possibility of being effective from the ninth month, depending on the performance of the intern. However, even after effective, each person’s progress will be tracked for 24 months.

It is worth remembering that the program consists of a learning path that aims to develop all technical and behavioral skills. The intention is that the intern has access to a complete and exclusive training.

Platforms that advertise internship vacancies

Internship programs in several areas have already become a reality in many companies, which invest in hiring high school, technical and higher education students. Thus, in most cases, in addition to the grant, companies also grant benefits such as food stamps, discounts, medical and/or dental care, life insurance, among others.

Platforms such as Gupy, Vagas, Nube, 99jobs, Isbet and Cia de Talentos advertise internship vacancies in companies of various fields. To participate in the selection processes, students need to send their personal data, take tests, undergo interviews, among others.

Image: Brenda Rocha – Blossom/

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