Shopee suffers avalanche of complaints over shipping price

About a month after ending its activities in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, Shopee became involved in a new controversy with Brazilian customers. In recent days, consumer complaints related to the value of delivery and coupons that offer free shipping only in specific stores have taken over the internet.


The subject even became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter:

Consumer frustration is understandable, as the e-commerce platform has become popular here precisely because it offers more competitive prices. According to reports from buyers, even items on sale end up not making up for the jump in the value of delivery, which, in some cases, even exceeds the full value of the products.

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Brazil remains in Shopee’s plans

Based in Singapore, Shopee said that Brazil will not be affected by the decision to leave other Latin American countries. The company even opened five new distribution centers here this year precisely to improve shipping processes and reduce delivery times.

It is worth remembering that in March, the platform also announced the end of operations in two other countries: India and France. As early as June, it opted to cut jobs in its e-commerce and food delivery divisions in both Southeast Asia and Latin America, the company said. Reuters.

After several quarters of revenue growth and expansion, Shopee’s growth has also slowed as the pandemic-fueled boom in e-commerce has shrunk.

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