The Walking Dead: Negan’s success with the public shocked even the interpreter

The Walking Dead ends its main run on November 20, but some characters will survive in the zombie drama spin-offs. Among the “lucky ones” who will be able to face more undead on their journey is Negan, the regenerated villain played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. And the good acceptance of the anti-hero by the public is something that shocks even its interpreter.

“I never thought Negan would make it this far. I was originally going to be three years old. My first conversation with Scott [M. Gimple, então showrunner de The Walking Dead que hoje supervisiona toda a franquia] was that I would stay these three seasons, and for me it already seemed like too long [para um vilão sobreviver]. Little did I know that, six years later, I would still be here.”

Morgan also acknowledged that while initially three years seemed like too long, his actual journey on The Walking Dead felt the opposite way. “That time went by so fast. I can’t believe we’re here, with the fans, to celebrate the end of this series as we know it. We lost so many people along the way, others came back… It was a great journey! Thank you all of you for staying with us”, she valued.

Following the end of The Walking Dead, Negan and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) will set off on a new adventure in Dead City, which will put the characters in a post-zombie apocalypse New York, with abandoned buildings and a version of Manhattan taken over by the dead. alive – in a contrast of technology, modernity and destruction rarely shown in the mother series.

The attraction is already being recorded, but will only debut in April next year. During Comic Con, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan gave little hint of what to expect from The Walking Dead: Dead City. “They’re going to meet some horrible people along the way, but some amazing people too. There’s New York, New Jersey, zombies… And Maggie being a mother,” said Negan’s interpreter.

“They’re the least likely people to be on this adventure together, but it’s so cool that they form this unexpected duo. I think the need is much greater than the fear,” added the actress, referring to the fact that Negan brutally murdered Maggie’s lover Glenn (Steven Yeun) right in his debut on The Walking Dead.

It’s worth noting that Negan didn’t just win over the zombie drama audience. Creator of the eponymous comic, which inspired the series, Robert Kirkman has already admitted that the Lucille wielder is his favorite. “I’ve always been very careful when talking about my characters, not to make it clear that I have a favorite. But now that I don’t write the comic anymore, because we ended it with issue 193, I can finally admit that Negan is my favorite”, he declared at the 2019 New York Comic Con.

“If the public knew [que Negan era o favorito], I would think, ‘Well, then he’s never going to kill this guy’. And it would be true, because at three different times in the comics I decided that I was going to kill him, and each time, when the time came, I changed my mind,” Kirkman acknowledged during the conversation with fans.

Apparently, the creator’s predilection extended to the show’s producers, who could also have gotten rid of Negan several times over the seasons, but kept him in the cast – to the point where he survived the last episode and won the spin-off with Maggie.

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