VAR goes to block action on penalty kick not scored for Atltico against Cear

photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Flvio Rodrigues de Souza did not interpret touch on the arm as a penalty for Atlético after VAR check

In the goalless draw against Cear, this Sunday (9/10), in Mineiro, for the 31st round of the Brazilian Championship, Atltico complained about an unmarked penalty just three minutes into the game. This Tuesday, the CBF released the audio of the analysis of the bid made between the VAR team and referee Flvio Rodrigues, who rejected the infraction.

Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira, video referee, called Flvio Rodrigues de Souza, owner of the whistle, to evaluate a possible penalty after touching Bruno Pacheco’s elbow after Nacho Fernndez’s cross. The bid was not marked.

Video referee Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira called Flvio Rodrigues de Souza to review the bid and reported “blocking action” performed by the Cear player.

The head referee, however, considered the move to be normal.

“He doesn’t do the extra movement. Even though his arm is slightly with his elbow open, he’s all the time throwing that arm back. He’s being careful all the time. I don’t see an intention especially because of the very short space and the speed of the ball. He has his arms behind his back and this ball catches. I will follow the game. I will not start with the penalty kick, no. I will follow the game”, he justified (see the audio transcript below).

VAR audio on possible penalty check

VAR Assistant: Safe, Flavio. Check for possible penalty.

VAR: Player has his arm behind his back, ok. He follows. Will follow. When he is about to cross, he opens his arm, t, and leaves his arm hard to have this contact with the ball, t, clearly blocking the passage to the ball.

VAR Assistant: Perfect.

VAR: Souza, I recommend a possible criminal review. Player opens his arm yes, t, and hits the ball increasing his body space.

VAR Assistant: When blocking. Perfect.

referee: I’ll see. I’ll see. I’ll see.

VAR: Let’s show this one. Show the point of contact and we’ll return this image, ok? Souza, I’ll show you the point of contact. This is the point of contact.

referee: T. This is the point of contact.

VAR: Now I’m going to rewind this move so you can see his action before the crossover.

referee: TT

VAR Assistant: Opens the image. This one is closed.

referee: Come back again. Guarizo, but look at it. He doesn’t make the additional move. Although the arm is slightly open at the elbow, he is the entire time, throwing that arm back. He’s been careful all the time.

referee: Despite taking the… despite taking the elbow, it’s a little open, but he turns sideways and that arm he’s taking care of.

referee: I don’t see an intention, mainly because of the space that is very short and because of the speed of the ball, he has his arms behind him and this ball catches. I will follow the game. I’m not going to start with the penalty kick, no. I will follow the game.


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