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In an exclusive interview with ge, the vice president of Cuiabá, Cristiano Dresch, explained the reasons for the club to anticipate the departure of three players from the squad. The board terminated the contractual relationship with André and Valdivia, in addition to advancing the termination of the loan with Alesson, who belongs to Vila Nova-GO.

According to the manager auriverde, Alesson and Valdivia did not meet the profile of athletes that Dourado needs at the moment to achieve permanence in Serie A.

– We need players who are, above all, with courage, disposition and who have the will and will to win. That’s the kind of players we need. And not players who need, in some difficult moments, to be charged at all times to have this type of characteristic. These moments really separate the type of player.

Vice-president of Cuiabá, Cristiano Dresch, in an interview with ge — Photo: Reproduction

– For this kind of moment, we need athletes who, above all, have the capacity to be indignant with difficult moments, with defeats, have courage. We have a game in Fortaleza, against Ceará, which for us is being treated as a battle. It will be the battle of Ceará.

+ Cuiabá communicates end of loan with Alesson
+ Cuiabá anticipates departure and terminates contract with Valdivia

– Valdivia and Alesson are players of excellent character. Dourado is a club that is very strict in terms of behavior. There is nothing that discredits them, but we are at a time when we need blood in our eyes, to have a knife in our teeth – said the vice president of Cuiabá.

André Felipe’s case is different. Along with Rodriguinho, the striker was late to present himself in the concentration for the match against Bragantino. The fact resulted in the termination by mutual agreement with the player and the removal of Rodriguinho for three days.

– André Felipe was already a little unmotivated with football. He had already had some opportunities to leave Cuiabá, we held on, even at some point he wanted to leave. There really was a delay in their arrival for the club’s concentration and that was the reason that led us to remove Rodriguinho for three days and reach a common agreement to anticipate the termination of André Felipe. Above all, there is the group, and this episode that involved the two was not nice with the group and we made that decision.

Sequence evaluation

Cuiabá has not won for three games in the Brasileirão and will face Ceará in the next round. The Dourado vice-president pointed out that the fight will be fierce until the end of the competition, but he trusts the team to remain.

– Cuiabá has a history of determination and struggle, a club’s main characteristic is to never give up, to go all the way to the end. And that’s what we’re going to do until the end. First of all, Cuiabá and the fans need to believe. We are in a very direct fight with Avaí, Atlético-GO, Coritiba and Ceará. Of these five teams, two will remain in Serie A, and our fight is direct with them.

The vice president of Dourado evaluated the work of coach António Oliveira, and guaranteed that the coach will lead the team until the end of the Brasileirão.

– If we weren’t satisfied with his work, he would have already left. Obviously the results haven’t been good, but if we analyze the opponents who are in the direct fight, they are in a bad sequence just like us. António remains until the end, regardless of what will happen. We totally trust him.

Cuiabá returns to the field this Sunday, against Ceará, at Castelão, at 15:00 (MT), for the 32nd round. Dourado is in 17th place, with 30 points, while Vozão is in 16th position, with 33.

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