Woman records exact moment she escapes being hit by Russian missile in Kiev

Young man was making a ‘video selfie’ when the attack took place; Russia attacked Ukraine’s capital again on Monday, 10, after months without bombing the region.

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Woman was recording a video when a missile exploded near her

An apparently frightened woman who was recording a “selfie video” on Monday morning managed to capture the exact moment she was almost hit by a Russian missile in Kievcapital of Ukraine. In the video shared by the Belarusian broadcaster Nexta, it is possible to follow the records. British news service LBC reported that the blast occurred near the intersection of a local university. The woman has not been identified and there is also no information about her condition after she stops recording. The attack carried out against Kiev and other Ukrainian cities is the largest on record in months. Since March, when Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia, withdrew his troops from the region, they had no attacks, but, in a televised speech, the Russian leader informed that the attack is in response to the destruction of the bridge that connects the Crimea The Russia. Putin also made a threat to Ukraine. “In the event that attempts to commit terrorist attacks on our territory continue, Russia’s response will be firm and, given its scale, will be matched with the level of threats to the Russian Federation,” said the head of state. Since the beginning of September, the troops of Volodymyr Zelensky it has had the upper hand in the war approaching its eighth month and has managed to recover more than 2,500 m² of territory, including regions Putin annexed in late September.

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