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More than 400 apps that were available for iPhone (iOS) and Android were infected with malware to steal Facebook data, indicates a report shared by Meta, the company that owns the social network, on October 7. The apps were disguised as photo editors, players music, VPNs that promised to increase browsing speed, games, as well as health and lifestyle services. When installing one of them, the app requested that the login be done through Facebook to use the resources.

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More than 400 fraudulent apps were identified in app stores — Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

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After entering the data, the application had full access to the person’s account, so it was possible to view private information from the user’s social network and send messages to friends. Despite the security measures of the virtual app stores, fraudulent platforms managed to be included in the list of available apps. To cover up the negative reviews left on the Google Play Store and App Store, cybercriminals added comments and positive ratings to malicious apps.

According to Meta, the names of the apps were sent to Google and Apple, and they have already been removed from the platforms. According to the company, users should be aware of some signs that can report that an app is fake. An application that asks for Facebook credentials before providing any kind of preview of its features is likely to be suspicious, for example. Another tip is to always check the app’s reputation, such as download counts, ratings and negative comments.

Some of the apps that contained the malware offered popular services such as flashlights and games that turned faces into cartoons. The full list of apps can be seen at the official link (“”, without quotes).

What to do if I was a victim?

If the user has been a victim of one of the fake apps, it is necessary to reset the password of the social network, preferably with a strong code that is not used elsewhere. For added protection, it’s also recommended to enable two-factor authentication with an app that offers the extra layer of protection, as well as enabling Facebook login alerts, which let you know when someone is trying to access your account.

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