Biden says Putin ‘miscalculated’ Russian troops’ ability to occupy Ukraine

WASHINGTON – The president of the United States, Joe Bidensaid this Tuesday, 11, to believe that his Russian colleague, Vladimir Putin“miscalculated” his Army’s ability to occupy the Ukraine.

“I believe (Putin) is a rational person, who clearly miscalculated,” Biden told CNN, which released excerpts from an interview with the president, which will air on Tuesday night.

“I believe he thought he would be welcomed with open arms … and I believe he simply miscalculated,” Biden said after a recent bombing raid on civilian targets launched by Moscow in Ukraine marked an escalation in the war.

President Joe Biden at a White House Hearing Joe Biden addresses a virtual
President Joe Biden at a White House Hearing Joe Biden addresses a virtual Photograph: Jemal Countess/EFE

The US government seeks what it called a way out for Putin before he resorts to weapons of mass destruction.

Biden warned last week that the world is in danger of an “Armageddon”in a direct comment on the risks of Putin’s veiled threats to use nuclear weapons in an attempt to seize parts of Ukraine.

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Putin’s mood has been the subject of much debate after the Russian president suffered a series of recent military setbacks during the invasion of the neighboring country, which began in February./AFP

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