Brillant! Browser that allows you to use the maximum power of the iPhone screen will be released in October

The new iPhone 14s were announced in September with new screens that reach up to 2,000 nits of brightness, but unfortunately that potential isn’t available to all apps. With that in mind, Jordi Bruin and Ben Harraway created a browser that lets you use the screen’s maximum brightness.

The browser called Vivid Browser is very simple and was already available for MacBooks and now also allows iPhone users to use the full screen brightness, which is restricted by default for all models from iPhone X onwards.

It turns out that Apple limits the iPhone’s screen brightness for all apps except for HDR videos, where the full potential is unleashed to deliver the best possible picture quality.

While these are not standard iPhone usage conditions, the developers claim that there is no risk in using Vivid. However, they claim that the idea is not to use it as a replacement for Safari, as it does not support bookmarks, passwords or even tabs.

So it’s just a web page viewer with enhanced brightness, which can be ideal for those who often use their phone in sunlight. There’s even a brightness button in the bottom area of ​​Vivid, where you can adjust the brightness intensity.

Vivid is now available for Mac, but will also be released for iOS on October 17th.

(Updated September 26, 2022 at 9:50 pm)

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