European Parliament approves change in the nomenclature of USB cables

The technical nomenclature of electronic equipment should be carefully reviewed before purchasing anything of the kind. You need to see if the model is supportable or not. It is recurrent with any model that demands technical specifications for its operation, as well as computers.

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The variation of different types of cables, with different uses end up being confusing Even the popularity of some, such as the well-known USB known for its charging and transmission potential.

USB cable will be standardized for electronic devices

In the case of technologies focused on greater charging of these equipment, such as cell phones, smart watches, or video game controls, aiming at greater ease for the standard consumer, the nomenclature will be standardized as USB-C.

The format of chargers from other companies, such as apple, will have to be changed. The brand’s products are adaptable to be compatible with this cable, all over the world.

Decision comes straight from the European Parliament

It turns out that, in the old continent, more specifically on the last day 04/10 (Tuesday), the European Parliament determined the USB-C input as standard for all electronic devices. The rules will be applied in the 27 countries involved and forming the European Union so far. Its application must be by the end of 2024.

Most of the consumer-focused changes take place in Europe and affect companies around the world, directly or indirectly, especially the giants of the North American market.

An example of this is the GDPR, European data protection legislation that inspired others in several countries, including our LGPD, in force since 2020.

Anatel is aware of the situation

In Brazil, the Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) is planning to have USB-C as an input for cell phone chargers as standard and will make cell phones sold in the national territory have this input included.

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