Globo will show Everything I Want

Globo will show in the Afternoon Session this Thursday (15) the comedy Tudo Que Quero. Released in 2017, the feature film stars Dakota Fanning, Alice Eve, Toni Collette, Michael Stahl-David. The direction was done by Ben Lewin.

The film tells the story of Wendy (Dakota Fanning) – a brilliant young autistic who has a fixation on Star Trek – lives a routine life in a group home in Oakland, California, where she is monitored by her primary caregiver, Scottie (Toni Collette). ). She spends her time writing a 450-page Star Trek script to enter Paramount Pictures’ script competition in hopes of winning the $100,000 prize.

Wendy is visited by her sister Audrey (Alice Eve), who shows Wendy pictures of her young daughter Ruby and reveals that she is selling her childhood home. Wendy asks Audrey to take her home, arguing that she will be able to buy the house back and help Audrey take care of Ruby once she wins the screenplay contest. Audrey refuses, informing Wendy that she is not capable of taking care of a baby. Unfortunately, Wendy has a breakdown and Audrey leaves the group’s house in tears.

After Wendy misses the script submission date to Paramount Pictures, she decides to deliver the script herself. She leaves the group’s house early the next morning and is followed by the group’s house dog, Pete. Wendy and Pete board a bus to Los Angeles, but are kicked out and left on the side of the road after Pete urinates on the bus. Wendy then wanders into a slum, where she is mugged with most of her money.

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