Google announces new metal bracelets for the Pixel Watch at hefty prices

You may already know about the launch of Pixel Watch, Google’s first smartwatch, which was announced last week along with the new generation of Pixel smartphones. At first, the manufacturer’s new smart watch arrived with some points that draw attention, such as the sensor that measures heart rate, which is considered one of the most accurate, according to the company.

In the visual part, one of the characteristics is the ease of changing the bracelets. At first, users could choose between five options, one in silicone, two in fabric and two in leather. However, the cost-benefit went far in this case, with values ​​ranging from US$ 50 (R$ 264 at the current price) to US$ 80 (R$ 423).

Well, if you also found these prices a little high, know that the situation has not improved much with the launch of metal bracelets by the company. One of them is called metal mesh band and the other Metal Links band. The first will be on sale in three color options and the other in two.

As for the price, if you want something more focused on the fashion style, you can opt for the first alternative, which will cost US$ 130, around R$ 688. The available colors are matte black, champagne gold and polished silver. However, if you have something more classic in mind, you can choose the second bracelet option.

This one, in turn, will cost US$ 200 (R$ 1058) and can be purchased in the colors matte black and brushed silver. In fact, neither of the two alternatives will be resistant to sweat or water, which ends up greatly limiting the possibilities of use. Finally, they should only hit the market next spring, in 2023, the year in which the fall detection feature will also be available.

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