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On a special day for children, Vasco fans who went to the club’s Espaço Experiência came across a novelty in the stadium tour. A replica of São Januário was launched this Wednesday. About 500 people passed through the site.

The table is a perfect replica of the stadium, even including lighting and sound system. The article will continue to be available in the space for all visitors and not just Vasco members.

– It was surprising, the people from Espaço Experiência were very nice to us. It was very positive, better than we imagined. The foosball table was the main attraction – said Thiago Brasil, CEO of Wolinger Sports, responsible for the launch.

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São Januário foosball table is launched in Vasco — Photo: Disclosure

The company has already received around 20 requests from Vasco fans, a number that is within the sales target. As it is a handmade product with a high price – R$ 25 thousand -, Thiago says that it is not possible to produce a large number of tables. The article is manufactured in the interior of Argentina.

– Martín is the creator of the project there in Argentina and he created the tables for Bombonera and Monumental. We got in touch with him to bring the project to Brazil and we did the one for Atlético-MG last year. We sold 17 tables and saw that it worked, despite having a value for a very specific audience – explained the businessman, who added:

– We did a market study to do Vasco’s and we took into account the size of the fans, the fanaticism, despite the recent moment of the club, the expectation for access and the moment with the SAF. Vasco having its own stadium made it much easier. We have received several orders from the United States, but we are still not able to send them there. There was a request from Australia, China, this shows how Vasco is a national and international club. Half of the orders are from outside Rio de Janeiro.

San Januário foosball table in production process in Argentina — Photo: Disclosure

To filter the target audience, the strategy was to send a marketing e-mail to more than 300,000 members and former members of Vasco, containing all the information on values ​​and payment. From there, the number of interested parties decreases, which fits the profile designed by the company.

– Why is she expensive? It is an imported product, the dollar is high, there is international transport, you have to pay a fee to cross the border, there is the issuance of an invoice, payment of royalties to the club, in addition to several other costs. The manufacturer makes about 15 tables a month, so it’s really a product for a more restricted audience. It is produced by the father, the son and a helper. It is completely handmade, assembled piece by piece. It’s a masterpiece – highlighted Thiago.

São Januário foosball table is launched in Vasco — Photo: Disclosure

Another strategy is the contact with players linked to Vasco, people from 777 Partners, idols of the club, such as Roberto Dinamite, and Vasco influencers.

– Our profit margin is low, but our focus is to move the sports marketing market, bringing different things. We are going to launch other products much cheaper too to reach another audience – concluded Thiago Brasil.

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Vasco promoted an event for children this Wednesday — Photo: Disclosure

The geek costs BRL 25,000 and can be paid in one of the following ways:

  1. 10% discount for cash payment (PIX / TED);
  2. 5% discount for cash payment with card at the physical machine or through the link;
  3. 5% discount for payment in 3 installments (Oct/Nov/Dec);
  4. 10 interest-free installments (no discount) for those who pay by credit card at the physical machine.

Vasco members still have an extra 10% off.

For deliveries in the city of Rio de Janeiro, freight is already included. For other locations, it is necessary to inform name, CPF or CNPJ and the address with zip code, so that we can calculate the value.

Delivery time is up to 90 days.

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