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Founded in 2020 as a support company, PlayStation Studios Malaysia headquarters has an even more active participation in game development. Largely involved in first-party game work, the company stands out for its growing role in Sony’s main franchises and goes far beyond concept development.

During a panel at Level Up KL (via IGN), PS Studios Malaysia head Hasnul Hadi Samsudin and Neil Ingram of PlayStation’s Visual Arts team in San Diego detailed the performance of the headquarters. Currently, 77 employees are responsible for the visual resources, mocap and character models creation sectors, with participation extended to the company’s major series.

When we started, the team was very small. A lot of what we’re doing is asset development for games, especially for the [série] MLB In The Last of Us Part I there was this thing called Death Hints, which are hints that tell the player what to do in certain situations, and the animation team [da Sony] should be working on them. But there was a lot to be done, so this came to us.

The post-PlayStation Studios gaming boost

According to him, the foundation of the Malaysia headquarters stimulated the strategy of “global production”, where each game is created with the help of all offices. With this, studios such as Lemon Sky Studios, Passion Republic and Streamline Studios accumulated technical knowledge, helping with projects such as Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Destiny and Dark Souls.

image of playstation studios malaysia headquarters
Source: PlayStation Studios

The growth of the headquarters at PlayStation Studios has been consolidating, and in recent years, names like Bandai Namco, Codemasters and Larian Studios have launched their games in Malaysia. Thus, Samsudin believes that the community can only gain, both through global collaboration and by increasing technical expertise and ambitions.

I think the biggest benefit is that PlayStation is all about experiences. That’s why we want to bring the best quality so that the end user feels like they’re playing a PlayStation game and that’s what quality is all about.

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