Internet is shocked to find 1860s painting of woman holding smartphone

The internet was stirred by an 1860s painting of a woman who appeared to be holding a smartphone. If you look closely at Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller’s “The Expected”, you will immediately see a woman at the center of the painting walking through a scenic landscape to a man waiting in the bushes, holding a pink flower.

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The success that “The Expected” made recently

Through a 21st century perspective, the painting conveys the idea that the woman is holding her smartphone in her hands as she walks. However, this would make no sense as these devices are modern technology and did not exist when the painting was completed in 1860.

What, in fact, does the woman hold?

In fact, in this painting by Waldmüller, the woman is said to be reading a prayer book during the walk, not browsing social media with her smartphone.

According to Gerald Weinpolter, CEO of the Austrian art agency, the story goes that the woman in Waldmüller’s painting is approaching the church while holding a small prayer book in her hands.

But why this repercussion?

According to art critics, there is a simple explanation for this illusion. It was observed that the discussion around the play shows how much society’s thoughts have changed.

The most striking aspect of all this repercussion is how much a change in technology was able to alter the way this painting was perceived. In addition, in a way, it can also be said that it leveraged its entire context.

The significant change is that throughout the 1860s, everyone knew the woman was holding a hymnbook or prayer book. Today, no one can fail to see the resemblance to the scene of a teenager on social media on their smartphone.

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