João Guilherme bets on Botafogo and Fortaleza taking the last spots in Libertadores via Brasileirão

ESPN Narrator, João Guilherme bet that Botafogo and Strength will have the two spots for the preliminary phase of the next Liberators via G-8 from Brazilian Championship-2022. The journalist gave his opinion when asked by a viewer on Twitter.

I bet on @FortalezaEC and @Botafogo closing the G8 and going to PRE“, wrote João Guilherme.

The narrator, however, did not say which clubs would lose their posts, falling into the Brasileirão table with seven rounds to go. Currently, the Atlético-MG is seventh, with 47 points, while America-MG is the eighth, with 45.

With five wins in the last seven games, Botafogo is in 9th place, with 43 points – four behind Galo and two behind Coelho. Fortaleza, which also has a strong reaction, is 10th, with 41.

The Campeonato Brasileito has great chances of having a G-8, as Flamengo, Athletico-PR and Corinthians, teams involved in the finals of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, competitions that give a direct place in the 2023 edition of the main international competition, are currently in the top six.

Check out the Brasileirão standings:

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