Meta detects 400 apps that are stealing ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ logins

Meta warns: that nightmare of having your login stolen can be more than real! The company issued a statement warning that it has detected about 400 malicious apps for Android and iOS that are stealing information from Facebook and Instagram users. The apps offer fake features like photo editors, VPN and games, among others, and trick users into connecting their Facebook or Instagram accounts, which is how data theft happens.

data theft

400 malicious apps for Android and iOS that are stealing information from Facebook and Instagram users

“When a person installs the malicious app, it may ask to “log in with Facebook” before the person is able to use the promised features. Armed with the credentials, the malware steals the username and password. Thus, attackers could potentially have full access to a person’s account and do things like message their friends or access private information,” the company explained.

– Virus found on Android reads WhatsApp conversations and records user images and audio

Meta reported that most of these apps are photo editors, thanks to the popularity of the filters they “offer”. This ends up catching the attention of users, who download the apps and provide important data for logging into their accounts.

Data theft by apps

Danger is in allowing apps to use Facebook account for login

Mark Zuckerberg’s company also said it had contacted Apple and Google in an attempt to remove these apps from stores, and Google said all apps had been removed.

safety tips

  1. Be wary of a photo editing app that needs your Facebook login and password before allowing you to use it.
  2. Review the app’s reputation. See your download count, ratings and reviews, including negative ones.
  3. Evaluate promised features. Does the app provide the functionality it promises, before or after login?

The important thing is to be careful when using your Facebook login, or really any social login option. There is no 100% foolproof way to avoid this.

If you believe you have downloaded one of these apps, Meta advises users to delete the app immediately, reset their Facebook password, and enable 2-factor authentication.

– Saving passwords in Google Chrome can bring risks to the user, warns report

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