NVIDIA Announces Games That Are Getting DLSS 3 Today; more titles will be supported later this month

In addition to introducing more games that are supporting DLSS 2

NVIDIA’s new graphics architecture, Ada Lovelace, makes its market debut today with the release of the GeForce RTX 4090, and with the GPU, DLSS 3 is also available. The feature is making a timid debut with support for five games and three more planned for the next few days.

By announcing the RTX 40 graphics cards, NVIDIA ensured that more than 35 applications, including engines, software and games, would support DLSS 3 at some point in the future. Below you can see which titles already support the technology, in addition to the next ones on the list:

Games that are getting DLSS 3

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – Now Available
  • Loopmancer – now available
  • Super People – now available
  • Justice ‘Fuyun Court’ – now available
  • Bright Memory: Infinite – now available
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator – October 17th
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem – October 18
  • F1 22 – coming soon

In addition to these titles receiving the new generation of DLSS, NVIDIA also announced the next games to receive DLSS 2. There are 13 titles, eight of which are already supporting the technology and the other five games will receive the feature later this month in their releases:

  • Dakar Desert Rally – now available
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits – now available
  • Blind Fate: Edo no Yami – now available
  • Broken Pieces – now available
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 – now available
  • QUBE 10th Anniversary – now available
  • Scathe – not available now
  • SCP: Secret Files – now available
  • PC Building Simulator 2 – October 12
  • The Last Oricru Launches – October 13
  • Batora: Lost Haven – October 20
  • Gotham Knights Out – October 21
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure – October 27

Reviews of the RTX 4090, the only GPU capable of handling DLSS 3 at the moment, are already all over the internet and show how NVIDIA’s new high-end GPU, based on the Ada Lovelace architecture, works with the exclusive technology of the RTX 40 Although there are already people unlocking the feature for GPUs from other series.

Game performance difference between 16GB and 12GB RTX 4080 is up to 30%, reveals NVIDIA

Game performance difference between 16GB and 12GB RTX 4080 is up to 30%, reveals NVIDIA
12 GB model is between 10% and 20% better than the RTX 3080


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