Peru’s Public Ministry denounces the country’s president for leading a criminal organization – News

This Tuesday (11) Peru’s attorney presented to the country’s Congress a constitutional complaint against Pedro Castillo for the crime of criminal organization, an action that could lead to the suspension of the leftist president.

“I file a constitutional complaint against José Pedro Castillo Terrones, in his capacity as President of the Republic, as the alleged author of crimes against public tranquility in the form of a criminal organization, qualified by his status as a leader”, highlights the nation’s attorney, Patricia Benavides, in a document released by the institution on Twitter.

The complaint includes two former ministers of Castillo, accused of peddling influence and being part of the alleged organization directed by the president. “Serious indications were found of the alleged existence of a criminal organization entrenched in the Government Palace with the aim of capturing, controlling and directing hiring processes to obtain illicit profits”, Patricia reported on social media.

“From this moment on, it is the exclusive and exclusive responsibility of the Congress of the Republic to decide on the processing of the constitutional complaint under the United Nations Convention against Corruption”, added the prosecutor.

Congress is due to discuss in the coming days the complaint that could lead to Castillo’s suspension, for which 66 of the 130 votes in the Chamber are required.

The president’s future looks bleak, as the left-wing alliance that supports him in Congress has only a third of the seats, which is insufficient to prevent suspension, which implies his removal from office until the end of his term in July. 2026, although his immunity is maintained, which does not prevent him from being investigated.

Castillo has accumulated six inquiries against him since he took power 15 months ago. There is no record of a complaint against an incumbent Peruvian president made by the Public Ministry.

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