Protests in Iran: Videos show teenager in demonstration hours before death

  • Parham Ghobadi
  • BBC Persian Service

A video posted on social media shows Nika Shakarami burning a headscarf at a protest in Tehran, Iran, on September 20, 2022.

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Nika Shakarami’s mother confirms to BBC she is the girl seen burning her veil on a Tehran street

Videos posted on social media show an Iranian teenager protesting hours before her death, her mother told the BBC’s Persian service.

Nika Shakarami, 16, is seen standing on top of a dumpster and burning her veil in Tehran on September 20, as others chant anti-Islamic Republic slogans.

Hours later, Nika disappeared after telling a friend that she was being pursued by the police.

Iranian authorities showed another video, taken by security cameras, which showed that Nika was allegedly in another location at the time of the protests – suggesting that her death was not linked to the demonstrations.

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