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Brazilians are passionate about economics. We love getting discount coupons on the internet and haggling when shopping. Nowadays it is very common for the customer to go after establishments and shops that have this option. Or, at the very least, cashback. Furthermore, this is a practice that emerged recently where you receive a part of what you paid for the purchase and free shipping.

First of all, the reputation of liking to haggle has already stuck in the Brazilian. It’s part of our habits. On the internet this behavior is no different. However, nowadays discount coupons have become the official practice. In the following text we will teach you the way of the stones on how to take advantage of these discounts that are out there.

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Coupons and cashbacks in e-commerce reach 30%

Coupons are scattered across websites, so there is no single way to get to them. In this case, the most important thing is to pay attention when browsing the websites of stores, magazines and e-commerces. The offers are spread out next to the prices, it is simple and quick to access.

You are usually invited to register on the store’s website and in return you receive discounts starting from 5% and can reach more than 30%. There is a price to pay for these discounts, which is to accept the advertising that the store will send you to the registered email.

Cashback, on the other hand, is usually available in various programs from banks, finance companies, fintechs, e-commerce and credit card companies. Stores can also have their cashback programs, although this is not so common. Keep an eye out for offers that your card company advertises. Just register and take advantage of the offers.

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Stay tuned for the seasonal issue

There is a strong seasonality component to these discounts. Seasons of great promotions, such as Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc., are the times when more discount coupons are distributed. First of all, when those times of big purchases arrive, the important thing is to pay attention to the sites and the banners that appear on the sites. Always keep an eye on the social networks of stores and magazines. Many promotions are advertised primarily there.

Several group buying sites also offer discount coupons, cashback and, however, both together for those who make their first registration there. Don’t waste time and use your registration power to save if you like the goods and prices.

Also, be sure to take a look at apps. In mobile phone manufacturers’ app stores, you can always find apps that offer discount coupons for purchases there. The same thing when we think of cashback. The savings you get when buying a more expensive item is sometimes so great that it allows you to buy something more economical at almost zero cost.

In conclusion, don’t be shy about haggling and scouring the net for good deals.

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