Students can receive 12 installments of R$ 100.00 through the Student Merit Scholarship; see how it works!

After nine months of the creation of Auxílio Brasil by the Federal Government, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) released the criteria for accreditation of scientific and academic competitions to identify which students can have access to the so-called Student Merit Scholarship.

Want to know more about the initiative and how it works? So keep following us below to check out more important information about the project and how to participate!

The Student Merit Scholarship aims to promote the study of science and technology through elementary and high school students / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How does the Student Merit Scholarship work?

In summary, the project seeks to identify students from families who receive Auxílio Brasil and who, due to their academic performance, may be entitled to a junior scientific initiation scholarship.

The law, published in December 2021, established that the scholarship in question will be aimed at primary and secondary education, for young people whose families are beneficiaries of the income transfer program that fall into poverty and extreme poverty. Therefore, those who stand out in national scientific and academic competitions, linked to topics on basic education, will have access to the scholarship.

In short, according to the published text, all students who win bronze, silver, gold medals or honorable mentions in competitions launched between December and January will be considered eligible to receive the Scientific Initiation Scholarship in the following year.

Those who are awarded will receive 12 monthly installments of R$100, plus a single installment of R$1,000 for the students’ families, totaling a benefit of R$2,200.

Also, according to ministerial decree 6,410, scientific and academic competitions that have national scope can be accredited, with the support or organization of the MCTI itself, which have come to popularize science and technology among students of basic education, as well as the Olympics scientific.

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data crossing

That said, the organizers of these events must also send the results of the awards to the ministries so that the folders can cross-reference information about the winning students with data from the Cadastro Único para Programas Sociais (CadÚnico). The action will be carried out together with the Ministry of Citizenship, responsible for the payment of Auxílio Brasil.

It is worth remembering, however, that the payment of the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship will be the full responsibility of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The division of scholarships, in fact, will be as follows: half of them will be allocated to elementary school students (50%) and the other half to high school students.

In the event that there are no students to receive the scholarships, in the face of the competitions that are accredited, they will be distributed in the sequence equally to other competitions, obeying the criterion of order of sending the data to the MCTI.

The same logic, by the way, will be valid for the levels of education in which students are accredited (secondary or elementary). Thus, it is worth noting that each student will be entitled to only one scholarship, even if they have good results in more than one competition.

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