The Boeing 747 ‘hunchback’ is in flight without a wheel, after losing it on take-off; accompany

A stunning image shows that one of the rarest Boeing 747s in the world lost one of its wheels shortly after takeoff.

Videos and images circulating on the internet show the Boeing 747-400LCF Dreamlifter taking off, and shortly after leaving the ground, you can see black smoke coming out of one of its landing gear.

Moments after the smoke, a wheel detaches from the aircraft and begins to fall, still releasing a very dark smoke. The wheel lands on the runway and bounces across the airport and beyond.

Another image shows the tire found in a plantation on the outskirts of the airport, still quite intact and without smoke.

According to the Italian media, the case would have happened with the Jumbo registration N718BA, which at the time of publication of this report is still in flight without a wheel. It took off from the city of Taranto in Italy, where the incident took place, see the video:

In this Italian city, large parts of the fuselage of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are manufactured by Alenia Aeronautica. These parts are transported by the 747-400LCF to Charleston, USA, where the 787 assembly line is located.

This Jumbo even has the ‘hump’ precisely because it was modified with a wider fuselage to be able to transport large parts for Boeing itself, most of which are fuselages and wings from the Dreamliner.

The following tracking screen allows you to follow the flight of the Jumbo in real time without a wheel:

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