Web remembers an epic story: the pig who stole 18 beers, got drunk and had a fight with a cow – News

There are stories so good that they deserve to be remembered from time to time. Even more so if they took place in Australia, the country where nature seems more out of control than usual.

On October 5, a guy named Andy Roberts recalled one of those moments and posted a print on Twitter of a news story that chronicled the adventures of a drunken pig in the country.

“Pig in Australia steals 18 beers at camp, gets drunk and fights a cow,” reads the headline, rated “the best headline ever” by Andy. The tweet went viral, with nearly 75,000 likes and 15,000 retweets.

Like many such viral stories, the shenanigans of this wild pig have appeared several times on the internet, almost like a legend that should not be easily forgotten.

In September 2013, a wild pig stole and drank 18 beers left in a separate area by people camping in the Port Hedland region of the western part of the country. After that moment, everything got completely out of control.

The animal started looking for food in nearby garbage bags and then went after some trouble.

“In the middle of the night, these people camped in front of us heard a noise, so they turned on a flashlight and there was the pig, turning over the cans. [de cerveja]”, said one of the witnesses in the case at the time, who was also camping in the region, in an interview with the TV network ABC News.

After waking everyone up and not being satisfied with the amount of food ingested, the pig then started fighting with a cow, for a reason that has not been discovered.

Trying to fight with such large animals is not recommended and the drunk pig took the worst and had to flee.

According to ABC News, the last time he was seen, our hero was resting under a tree the next morning, likely overwhelmed by the alcohol he had ingested. Authorities even tried to locate him, but without much success.

In 2018, the story was already considered almost an important legend of social networks. The Australian blogger known as Shuman said it was a moment “so good it couldn’t be bettered”.

In responses to Andy’s tweet, many called the pig an “alcohol hero”, while others recalled another bizarre account involving animals and drugs — the equally legendary “cocaine bear”.

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