10 Fun Horror Movies Redditors Find Easy to Watch

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is the latest addition to the horror genre as a movie with all the thrills guaranteed to terrify your audience and make them laugh. This horror comedy comes from beloved entertainment company A24, which has made headlines in recent years with hits like midsommar, hereditary and Everything everywhere at the same time.

The announcement of its release sparked fan excitement and saw many Redditors looking for other horror recommendations that go beyond the scary to provide a fun viewing experience. These 10 fit!

A Quiet Place (2018)

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Emily Blunt gives birth in a bathtub in A Quiet Place

a quiet place exploded onto screens and left a lasting impact on its fans, delivering a unique horror film that offered representation of the deaf community in a more positive way than others in its genre. This dystopian horror imagines a world overrun by aliens where the only way to survive is to stay quiet, which proves to be a stressful but somewhat sustainable life for the Abbott family.

The horror film terrifies its viewers with a series of scares, while remaining fun and easy to watch due to the omission of sound throughout most of its run. That meant it relied heavily on a visual viewing experience that left viewers’ eyes glued to the screen, essentially making it easier to follow along and “offering a refreshing take on the horror genre” according to Redditor rebeccasmileyface.

Escape Room (2019)

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Highlight Escape 2 Bedroom Back

escape room is a forced proximity thriller guaranteed to leave viewers on the edge of their seats as a group of unlikely strangers take part in a escape room which proves to be much more than a few simple games.

The film offers audiences a series of unique visuals that fit into its intriguing plot before delving much deeper than the superficial plot, employing complex characters with intriguing stories, eventually connecting them. escape room‘s dark film style functions as a game for its viewers and, according to one Redditor, makes them “feel [they] can play” with the characters, inviting them to solve clues in an experience that takes place outside the cinema.

The Nanny (2017)

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7- King Bach The Cropped Nanny

The baby sitter made waves when it was released on Netflix in 2017 and touches on just about every teen horror trope, making it a fun watch from the get-go. The film’s name suggests its plot, as it follows Cole, who discovers that his young and exciting nanny has a disturbing friendship group that all share the same horrible ‘hobby’.

The film is a joyful watch filled with witty phrases that leave many viewers rolling their eyes while simultaneously laughing. It’s gory but doesn’t offer anything too terrifying or complex, remaining a sarcastic take on the teen slashers that dominated the 1970s and 1980s, which according to XtianStor has become “very smart and fun” to watch.

Scream (1996)

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Drew Barrymore sees Ghostface's reflection in 1996's Scream

Shout out became the most binge-worthy horror franchise to date, and it all started in 1996, when Drew Barrymore answered the phone of a caller who got the wrong number (or so she thought). The film continually pokes fun at the horror genre as well as celebrity culture, making its characters trade for their lives by answering pop quizzes.

This unusual concept invited fans to address issues alongside their characters and created an interactive experience that is often the topic of movie night conversations due to its content even today. This resulted in many fans including ladysingtheblues giving the film an “annual review”.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

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Tucker and Dale standing on cabin porch looking at something off camera in Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Bad is a hilarious and hilarious horror film that utilizes observational humor and gore to deliver an amusing but bloody tale of two rednecks who are too kind for their own good. The duo find themselves inadvertently responsible for the deaths of many teenagers, making for an interesting story.

Overall, the film is a comedy and can be considered something of a slapstick, with its wholesome characters leaving viewers in tears. Derelite labeled the film the “perfect ‘fun’ horror movie” as it delivers on the gore fans love through a series of wacky scenes that keep viewers guessing what the idiotic pair will do next, making it fun and easy to watch!

Ready or Not (2019)

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Grace smiling while covered in blood

Ready or not is an incredible female-led modern horror that sees Samara Weaving in one of her most memorable performances, as she struggles with the disturbing tradition of her new in-laws.

The dark comedy entertains fans through Grace’s sarcastic humor that challenges the strange behavior she finds in her new family. Ready or not delivers an ironic cat-and-mouse storyline that reminds fans like LightningEdge756 “this horror can be a lot of fun” and terrifies viewers as much as it annoys them.

Beetle Juice (1988)

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Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice

Tim Burton is known for his unconventional portrayals of cinema, and beetle juice is no exception, with this quirky film exploring Beetlejuice role in helping a ghost couple scare the new residents of their home.

The film has an electric energy that fans found infectious through the elastic personality of beetle juicethe kitschy jump scares and obscure special effects. beetle juice offers a fun viewing experience through its vibrant colors and costume design that subverts everything fans knew about horror at the time of its release, giving them something completely unrecognizable that worked, as recognized by chance who rated it a ” perfect mix of horror, camping and comedy!”

Happy Death Day (2017)

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Jessica Rothe and Ruby Modine in Happy Death Day

happy death day has intrigued viewers from the moment its title was released and has kept them captivated. In it, Tree realizes that she is living the same day again after being murdered, making it her mission to reveal her killer.

The film received a lot of praise, specifically for Jessica Rothe, who won over fans with the playful charm of her character who never wavered, even when the fight for her life was too much. Tree’s chaotic demeanor brightens the film alongside its use of uplifting rock songs, setting itself up as a horror parody that doesn’t take itself too seriously, though somehow it’s “better than [had] any right to be”, according to shoyomves.

Zombieland (2009)

Transmission in TNT

Video games based on Zombieland Left 4 Dead movies

zombieland is considered one of the best horror comedy films of all time and puts its audience inside a zombie apocalypse where a group of strangers band together to survive. But along the way, strangers soon become friends.

The film contains a star-studded cast that, when brought together, have effortless chemistry, allowing many of the film’s jokes to flow naturally and therefore entertain its audience without trying too hard. This hysterical horror has its fair share of gory scenes, with many of its zombie-challenging moments being so inventive that it led one Redditor to suggest it incites its “viewers to have as much fun as its characters”.

The Cabin in the Forest (2011)

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The cabin in the forest

The cabin in the forest It has become something of a cult classic in recent years, mainly due to its impressive plot twist that left even movie detectives stunned. This weird movie follows five friends as they vacation in a cabin, and while everything looks normal, the movie turns left.

The cabin in the forest ultimately, it spends most of the film poking fun at the very genre it belongs to, remaining stereotyped until the last 30 minutes. It proves to be a fun watch for horror fans who are drawn to its clichés but then join the producers in mocking the predictability of horror. The film retains its viewers by eventually avoiding a predicted ending, ensuring the film remains “the right answer” to a fun horror choice, as suggested by AUSpartan37.

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