Actress pretended to be of legal age to get role

When testing for the “That ’70s Show”Mila Kunis pretended to be 18, when in reality, she was only 14. Many fans already had suspicions about her real age.

According to her, the producers were so delighted with her performance at the audition, they ended up letting her pass. In addition to them, the co-creators themselves, Bonnie and Terry Turner, were aware of her true age.

The actress became a Hollywood star thanks to her participation in the series that was very successful. THEBefore that, she had never gotten anything other than small TV show appearances and a role in the Barbie commercial.

The series “That ’70s Show” had an excellent ratings level during its run. Despite this, both the penultimate and final seasons had lower ratings.

Mila Kunis, when asked why she was not present on social media, claimed that unlike what was expected of them, which would be to “connect people”, they generally have a negative role. But she says her husband, on the other hand, has “advanced thinking” about social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, city of Ukraine. On August 14, 1983, when your country was still part of the Soviet Union. A curious fact is that his family was originally Jewish, but had Russian as their mother tongue. Mila moved to the United States at the age of seven.

According to her, the decision came from her parents as a result of the not positive future perspective for her and her brother in that country. Mila started her career at an early age, having been enrolled by her father in acting classes at the Beverly Hills Studios, at the age of nine.

After several commercials, he went on to get roles in very popular television shows. After so much success on television, Mila moved to the film market in 2001, with the film “Volta por cima”.

Their love life has the common characteristic of having relationships that are always lasting. Currently Mila and Ashton Kutcher are married and have two children.

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