Bitcoin Aid: private initiative releases payment of BRL 120 for Brazilians over 18; see how to receive

A company in the financial sector has just announced a benefit extraordinary which will be released to Brazilians over 18 years of age. It’s about ‘Bitcoin Aid’which will make the transfer of BRL 120 for anyone who is enrolled in the program.

Any Brazilian, over 18 and with a valid CPF, can apply to receive the benefit, which will be released in October 2022.

The registrations for receiving the aid can be done through from this link.

Unlike federal government aid, which aims to alleviate the effects of poverty, this benefit aims to provide the maximum number of Brazilians with a real possibility of multiplying their wealth.

That’s because the company decided to make a distribution campaign based on cryptocurrencies – more specifically, on Bitcoin.

The initiative brings a lot of potential for appreciation for the money of its participants. This is because while the real, the Brazilian currency, only loses value over time, Bitcoin has a gigantic capacity for appreciation.

Bitcoin experienced 1,828% appreciation in the last cycle

Since 1994, the year of its creation, the real has lost 86.09% of its purchasing power. In other words, R$100 in 1994 is the equivalent of R$13.91 today.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, appreciated by around 1,828% in the last cycle alone, from 2019 to 2021. That is, a multiplication capable of transforming every BRL 1,000 invested into BRL 19,280.

That’s why Bitcoin is much more effective than the real one in terms of wealth multiplication potential. And it is this possibility that Bitcoin Aid offers.

According to the specialists of the company responsible for this payment, the appreciation potential envisioned going forward is 10x for this benefit.

That is, your BRL 120 can turn into up to BRL 1,200 if this happens.

To learn how to receive this R$ 120 and have the chance to multiply the money, just sign up to receive Bitcoin Aid.

The benefit will be released in October 2022. To register and guarantee the first information about the distribution, simply click on this link and register.

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