Botafogo: Durcesio reveals that John Textor tried to buy Pedro in a meeting with the president of Flamengo

O Botafogo officially sought the signing of the center forward Pedroof Flamengo. Who revealed it was the president Durcesio Mello, in an interview with the channel “Resenha com TF”. this Wednesday (10/12). However, the red-black club ended up blocking the negotiation.

John Textor tried to buy Pedro. He was visiting, we had to meet the mayor, governor and the three clubs in Rio. We already had breakfast with Edward Breads, with (Cláudio) Castro not yet. I wanted to arrange a meeting with the three of them, great figures, Jorge Salgado, mario Bittencourt it’s the Rodolfo Landim. When he arrived, the first time after signing the SAF, Jorge Salgado was not available, Mario was in Colombia, so we went to Landim, to Gávea, for a two-hour chat. At some point, he talks about the league, working together, clubs being strong. At some point, he made a request: “put a price on Pedro”. Landim changed the subject and changed the subject. The conversation lasted another half hour, he said he hadn’t forgotten that Landim didn’t put a price on Pedro. “No, I know he is not being used, but he is very well here and I paid 14 million euros”said Landim, as if to scare. Textor’s answer was “put a price on Pedro”. If he sent 20 million euros, he would pay on the spot. But Landim didn’t want to put it on and it became history. He could be another player of ours in the Brazilian team – declared Durcesio.

Botafogo hired Tiquinho Soareswhich was in Olympiacos in the second transfer window of 2022, to be their centre-forward.

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