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Atletico receives the coritiba on Sunday, at 7 pm, for the 32nd round, to maintain an unbeaten record of 22 years. Hurricane has not lost its rival as home team for the Brazilian Championship since 2000.

The Atletico team defends a positive series of 13 games without defeats for Coxa in Serie A under their domains. There have been eight wins and five draws so far, 10 of them at Arena da Baixada.

The last Alviverde victory as home team took place in 2000, by 3 to 1, for the João Havelange Cup, in Baixada. Alexandre, Reginaldo Araújo and Daniel scored for Coritiba, and Lobaton scored for Athletico.

The other red-black defeat by the Brazilian was in 1993, with the same score. Atletiba was held in Couto Pereira, but Hurricane was in charge.

Athletico vs Coritiba for the Brazilian

Games 17
Atletico wins 9
Coritiba’s victories two
draws 6

Athletico x Coritiba, for the Brazilian – Photo: Disclosure/Coritiba

It is worth noting that, during this period, the teams did not meet in seven seasons because they were not in the same division.. Coxa played in Série B in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2018, 2019 and 2021, while Hurricane played in the second in 2012.

In other competitions, however, Athletico has seven defeats in Baixada against Coritiba. The most recent was this year, for the first leg of Paranaense’s semifinal: 2 to 1, with two goals from Alef Manga and one from Terans.

Still this season, Hurricane beat Atletiba in the first round at Couto Pereira by 1-0, with Khellven’s goal in extra time, from a penalty. The Atletico club broke a 17-year fast without a win at the rival’s home by points.

The other favorable point is that Coritiba is the only team that did not win as a visitor in this edition of Serie A. In 14 games, there are two draws and 12 defeats.

Athletico defends an unbeaten record of 14 matches in Baixada for the Brazilian, with eight wins and six draws. The last and only home defeat in the competition was to Atlético-MG, on April 17.

The unbeaten series in Athletico x Coritiba for the Brazilian

  1. Athletico 1×0 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2020)
  2. Athletico 1×1 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2017)
  3. Athletico 2×0 Coritiba – Vila Capanema (Brazilian 2016)
  4. Athletico 2×2 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2015)
  5. Athletico 2×0 Coritiba – Willie Davids (Brazilian 2014)
  6. Athletico 2×1 Coritiba – Vila Capanema (Brazilian 2013)
  7. Athletico 1×0 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2011)
  8. Athletico 0x0 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2009)
  9. Athletico 1×1 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2008)
  10. Athletico 1×0 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2005)
  11. Athletico 1×1 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2004)
  12. Athletico 2×0 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2003)
  13. Athletico 1×0 Coritiba – Arena da Baixada (Brazilian 2002)

O athletic return to the field against coritiba on Sunday, at 7 pm, at Arena da Baixada. Hurricane is in sixth place, while rival Coxa occupies the 15th position, with a difference of 14 points.

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