CAIXA TEM having problems? See how easy it is to reactivate the app

the application of box has it is the main payment method for government benefits, such as Auxílio Brasil. Digital Social Savings brings together several free tools and services, being responsible for the banking transactions of many people.

the launch of box has took place in 2020, aiming to unify payments of aid in force at the time. But, as the app quickly became popular, Caixa Econômica formed a partnership with the Federal Government, enabling several benefits through digital savings. Below, Notícias Concursos, in today’s article, in addition to explaining a little more about the application, will show you how to reactivate it in case of a problem.

CAIXA TEM having problems?  See how easy it is to reactivate the app to receive your benefits
CAIXA TEM having problems? See how easy it is to reactivate the app to receive your benefits – Caixa

What the app offers

  • Among the tools that the app offers are:
  • Receipt and movement of FGTS;
  • Receipt and handling of the Gas Voucher;
  • Movement of the salary bonus;
  • Movement of Aid Brazil;
  • Receipt and handling of Unemployment Insurance.

Caixa Tem carries out transactions of up to R$600.00 per day and a maximum of R$5,000 per month. In the app it is possible to move the benefits, especially the Auxílio Brasil, by doing:

  • Payment of tickets online;
  • Lottery payments;
  • Cell phone recharge;
  • Hire Family Support Insurance;
  • Get finance tips;
  • Make purchases with an online debit card;
  • Make purchases in physical stores with QR Code;
  • Obtain the income report;
  • Consult the NIS;
  • Receive and move Unemployment Insurance;
  • Make transfer type DOC and TED;
  • Make transactions via PIX;
  • Consult savings account statement.

How to reactivate Caixa Tem in case of problems with the app

Even with so much practicality and functionality in the application, beneficiaries still find some difficulties in the tool. Social savings, unfortunately, have had several instabilities and continue to do so.

In cases where the account experiences more serious problems, it is deactivated. However, there is nothing to worry about, as it has a very simple form of reactivation so as not to compromise the receipt of Auxílio Brasil.

  • Download the updated version of the app;
  • Open the application;
  • Fill in the requested information;
  • Continue logging in using CPF and password;
  • On the home screen, click on the “update your registration” icon;
  • Go to “Got it, let’s get started”;
  • Confer the information. If correct, click ok. If something is wrong, please update;
  • Inform place of birth and answer any questions that arise;
  • Click on “Next”, without forgetting to always check the data;
  • Click on “Continue”, following the instructions so that the document is sent without errors.

See how easy it is to reactivate your app box has? Updating data is a way to always have your profile regular, avoiding problems. So, always be on the lookout.

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