Cara Delevingne does not attend the launch of her collection at New York Fashion Week

Dear Delevingne did not attend the New York Fashion Week event last Monday night, the 12th, further increasing the concern of family and friends after photos went viral on the internet revealing the actress and model quite weakened walking the streets. According to, she did not participate in the launch of her clothing collection, Cara Loves Karlcollaboration with the German stylist Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019).

This month alone, Cara was twice caught appearing to be under the influence of hallucinogens. The most recent episode was last Wednesday, the 7th, when the star of Paper cities was seen barefoot at an airport while talking uncontrollably on the phone.

According to the newspaper daily mail, Delevingne was first seen on her way to the airport with her feet dangling from a car window. She would be two hours late for a flight on Jay-Z’s private plane. About 45 minutes later, she reportedly left the aircraft. Then, back on the runway, the actress appeared wearing a T-shirt with a photo of Britney Spears, black pants and yellow socks without shoes.

Last week, she was spotted smoking some kind of pipe while sitting alone in a car.

“We’re all incredibly concerned. The situation has been escalating for a few weeks now and Cara’s family is involved. There’s talk of carrying out some sort of intervention and making sure Cara gets the help she might need. She’s ‘burning the candle’ on both sides lately, and this is clearly taking its toll,” a close friend of the actress lamented to the newspaper. The Sun.

Dear Delevingne has already admitted to having used drugs at the beginning of her modeling career but stressed that she did not go deep into the addiction, as she was immersed in her work. The actress also came to comment on the dependence of her mother, Pandora, on illicit substances. “My childhood was very sad, my mother struggled with heroin addiction for years,” she said in 2015.

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