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During the week, Cruzeiro announced a new financial partnership. The contract with pharmaceutical Cimed is valid until the end of 2026. The positive impact, however, does not drastically change the financial scenario of the current management. The amount contributed, at the moment, will help in the daily cash flow of the team.

CBF fulfills Ronaldo's request and will award Cruzeiro for Serie B title

CBF fulfills Ronaldo’s request and will award Cruzeiro for Serie B title

The total amount of the sponsorship was not disclosed, but the ge found that the payment will refer to the general package defined in the contract with the pharmaceutical company. The agreement provides for space in the women’s and men’s uniforms, inserts at Toca da Raposa and on match days, in addition to digital activations. One part will be paid in cash and the other part respecting the activations imposed in the contract.

Currently, there is no “separation” of income in celestial finances. The entire amount raised goes straight to one place and, from there, the club directs the amounts. The figures collected from sponsorships, income and supporter members are combined for “everyday” expenses.

Cruzeiro Flag — Photo: Publicity/Mineirão

The goal is to try to make the club spin with the money raised. “Clube Gira” means payment of salaries to athletes and employees, expenses related to the games and also maintenance of the Training Center.

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Even due to the club’s current financial situation, it is not expected that, at this moment, the sponsorship includes large signings for the assembly of the squad next year. The idea is to continue “cleaning the house” with income and have responsibility trying to balance expenses.

The idea is to continue exploring the credibility of having Ronaldo managing the club, combined with good results on the field, to attract more sponsors. There is also a strong bet that new revenues can be generated from digital activations – such as, for example, the fan token that was recently announced.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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