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A few weeks away from the World Cup, coach Tite is very well served by goalkeepers and in FIFA 23 this potential has been recognized. In the Top 10, Alisson and Ederson appear in third and fourth positions, keeping the same overall as FIFA 22. The ranking has unprecedented leadership, with a jump from seventh to first position and turnover in the Top 3, compared to the last editions.

The list below considers normal cards only, excluding Icons and specials. As a tiebreaker, the price of players in FUT on XBOX and PlayStation platforms was considered.

De Gea in FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Disclosure / EA Sports

  • Overall: 87
  • Value: 17,250 coins

Best goalkeeper in FIFA 19, the Spaniard De Gea has not been in the Top 10 since FIFA 20, when he was in fourth position. With 89 reflexes and 88 elasticity, the defender stands out for his height of 192 cm, with a low weight (76 kg).

Maignan at FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Reproduction

  • Overall: 87
  • Value: 28,750 coins

The Milan goalkeeper is an excellent option to invest. At just 27 years old, considered young for the long-lasting position of goalkeeper, the Frenchman has 89 for reflex and 85 for elasticity, positioning and shooting.

8th – Gianluigi Donnarumma

Donnarumma at FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Disclosure / EA Sports

  • Overall: 88
  • Value: 23,750 coins

If Maignan is young for the position, Donnarumma is a “boy wonder”. Now 23 years old, the Italian goalkeeper stood out at Milan and currently defends PSG. 90 Agility and 89 Reflexes are strong points, at the height of his 190cm. For an athlete of this size, Handling (83) and Positioning (85) can be points to improve. Despite the maturation, Gigio lost a position in the ranking, compared to the last edition.

Navas in FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Reproduction Twitter / @FifaFaces1

  • Overall: 88
  • Value: 22,500 coins

A teammate of Donnarumma at Paris, Navas is 35 years old and very resilient (89). An important attribute to compensate for his 185cm, a little below the average for the position. In addition, the Costa Rican offers the same 89 in Reflex, 87 in Positioning and 84 in Handling.

6th – Marc-André Ter Stegen

Ter Stegen in FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Reproduction

  • Overall: 88
  • Value: 23,500 coins

The 30-year-old goalkeeper has seen his overall drop from 90 (third position in FIFA 22) to 88, a peak age for goalkeepers. It must be considered that the German remained at Barcelona, ​​experiencing the entire crisis of the Catalan club, but he is still an excellent option, with 90 in Reflexes, 87 in Chute and 86 in Elasticity. There was an evolution in Acceleration, from 38 in the previous edition to 45 in the current one.

Oblak in FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Reproduction

  • Overall: 89
  • Value: 30,000 coins

Here is one of the most significant drops from this ranking. The 29-year-old Slovenian goalkeeper had the best Overall of the last edition (91), with potential for 93, but dropped to 89 in FIFA 23. Highlight for 90 and Handling, 89 in Reflexes and 87 in Positioning. Another good highlight is the three stars in “bad leg”, which give more versatility in the ball output.

Ederson at FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Disclosure / EA Sports

  • Overall: 89
  • Value: 38,500 coins

At 29 years old, the Brazilian team’s immediate reserve rose one position compared to the last version of the game. Defending City, the goalkeeper has the best attribute of Kicking with 93, therefore a reinforcement in the ball out with his feet, in addition to 88 in Positioning and Reflexes. Acceleration (64) and Peak (63) are also above the position average.

Alisson at FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Reproduction

  • Overall: 89
  • Value: 41,250 coins

Opening the Top 3 goalkeepers in FIFA 23, Alisson has well-distributed attributes, showing balance, just like in the last game. At 30 years old, the gaucho has 90 in Positioning, 89 in Reflexes, 86 in Elasticity, 85 in Kicking and Handling. With regularity, the holder of the (possible) hexa gained a position, compared to the 2022 ranking.

Neuer at FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Reproduction

  • Overall: 90
  • Value: 41,750 coins

Starring in the Top 5 for several editions, one of the best in the world maintained the second position of the last game from EA Sports. Coming to the final stretch of his career, aged 36, the German still boasts 91 in Positioning and Shooting, 88 in Handling and Reflexes, in addition to 87 in Elasticity. Even with advanced age, he surpasses 60 in Pique and four stars with bad leg, which are very important in balance and ball exit.

Courtois at FIFA 23 — Photo: Photo: Reproduction

  • Overall: 90
  • Value: 41,750 coins

The leader of the ranking surprises by surpassing the seventh position of FIFA 22 to take the top. With 30 years and 199cm, the Belgian has 90 in Reflexes, 89 in Handling and Positioning. His shot (75) is still a point to develop. Courtois has been among the top positions for a few seasons, but this time the top came.

Returning to the beginning of the list, Hugo Lloris deserves an honorable mention. At 37, the Frenchman is level on points with De Gea and Maignan. the experienced Tottenham Spurs goalkeeper still has a lot to offer FIFA lovers. Playing in one of the main teams in the Premier League and a starter in the French national team, Lloris stands out as an overall highlight of 88 in elasticity and reflexes and as a differential the maintenance of 61 acceleration and 62 pike, above average for the position.

FIFA 23: PSG players react to scores in Ultimate Team

FIFA 23: PSG players react to scores in Ultimate Team

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